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AV Archive

RTV-Dordrecht News: Osprey in the ‘Biesbosch National Park’

Jul 30, 2011

Europe’s largest bird of prey, the flying door, more than two meters wingspan, many years retired in the north of the continent, but recently settled in the ‘Biesbosch National Park'; the Osprey. Three of them! This is special, because its the first time these birds are here in summer. Reporter Peter Tromp and ranger Thomas van der Es searched for them. It became a nice walk along the river ‘Hollandsch Diep’, but unfortunately… they didn’t see any raptors. However, Van der Es could tell wonderful about the Osprey. The camera work was done by Frank Peters.

RTL News: Interview with President of A’dam Court

Jul 2, 2011

“Not chic and unprofessional”. Thats the comment of the President of the Amsterdam Court Leendert Verheij on the public criticism of Councillor Tom Schalken in newspaper ‘NRC Handelsblad’. Schalken has resigned, because he feels himself “scandalously treated” in the Geert Wilders case. In the newspaper, he has fierce criticism on the judges, handling the case. Verheij calls this very inappropriate. Reporter Rick Konijnenbelt made the following report for RTL News. The interview with Verheij was filmed by Frank Peters.

Report comment Schalken unprofessional

RTV-Dordrecht: Biesbosch morning

Jun 30, 2011

An early Monday morning in June. Wake up call at 04.00 hours, but worth it. It became a beautiful morning, with a clear blue sky, a beautiful sunrise and beavers! A morning summarized in four minutes. Camerawork and editing were done by Frank Peters

Thanks to Rob Polet from ‘De Kleine Rug’, initiator Willem Diepeveen and colleague and friend Fokko van der Straaten. Shot with the Panasonic HPX301 1/3 inch broadcast camera on DVCProHD (1440×1080 pixels).

RTL Edition NL: Fat students

Jun 29, 2011

Due to bad food and consuming lots of alcohol many first year students become fat. Research shows this. Last Friday ‘Editie NL’ reporter Robert Schouten was looking for big bellies in Utrecht. The camera work was done by Frank Peters.

Report fat students

RTV-Dordrecht News: Roparun preparations

Jun 14, 2011

A new edition of the Roparun, the annual relay race from Paris to Rotterdam, took place at the Whitsun weekend. The Roparun raises money for various charities (especially medical and care). One day before the race, reporter Marjolein Vos, followed a team from Dordrecht. The camerawork was done by Frank Peters.