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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions photo workshop

By signing up for this Frank Peters photo workshop, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are based on the general terms and conditions of the ANVR (the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators). Frank Peters is registered with the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce, Dordrecht Department, under number 24406690, where these terms and conditions are filed.

Instructor: Frank Peters
Student: Person who registers for the photo workshop/course

Article 1 Registration for the photo workshop
Registration for the photo workshop is personal. In principle, registrations cannot be exchanged except after consultation with and approval by Frank Peters. The replacement participant agrees to the following general terms & conditions. Relevant communications should be conducted via: foto@frank-peters.nl.
The order of registration also determines the order of placement in the photo workshop. After registration, the student will receive confirmation of placement within a number of days.
Any person who enters into this agreement on behalf of or for the benefit of someone else is jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from this agreement. All communication (including payments) between student and instructor will take place exclusively through the person making the registration.

Article 2 Offer and acceptance
The agreement between student and instructor is established when the student accepts the offer for the photo workshop. The acceptance is effected electronically, by completing the registration form on this website. After the agreement has been completed, the participant is bound to this agreement and will receive confirmation in the form of an invoice within a number of days.

Article 3 Withdrawal of offer
The instructor’s offer is non-binding. In certain cases, the offer can be revoked on acceptance or immediately thereafter. Revocation is permitted to correct errors in the calculation of the cost or other errors. This must occur as soon as possible, but no later than five working days after acceptance, and be supported by reasons. In that case, the student is entitled to an immediate refund of any monies paid.
Obvious errors and evident mistakes are not binding for the organiser. Such errors and mistakes are those errors and mistakes that are known or should be known at first glance, from the perspective of the average student.

Article 4a Cancellation of the photo workshop by the instructor
The instructor has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the number of applications is less than the required minimum number of participants. Concerning the photography workshop at Lysefjord in Norway, the minimum number of participants is five. The workshop may also be cancelled in the event of the instructor falling ill, some other unforeseen circumstances, or force majeure. Force majeure is understood to mean political unrest, war, natural disasters, scarcity, general strikes, etc. The workshop will be cancelled by email or telephone. Students are entitled to a refund of the total amount paid for the workshop, which will be refunded within two weeks. Any booking fees or other costs incurred by the student for travel (to the photo workshop) will not be reimbursed.
Instructor cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the cancellation of the photo workshop.

Article 4b Cancellation of the photo workshop by the student
The student may cancel participation in the photo workshop, provided there are reasonable grounds to do so. Cancellation can take place via telephone or email.
Cancellation is free of charge up to 60 days before the start of the course. Cancellations between 60 days and 30 days before the start of the course will result in the student being entitled to a refund of 50% of the course fee. Cancellations up to 30 days before the photo workshop or on the day the photo workshop begins will result in the student not being entitled to a refund of the course fee, and the student will be liable for the full amount.
A student who cancels the photo workshop can, only after discussing this and obtaining approval from the instructor, be replaced by another student, on the condition that this replacement student agrees to the terms and conditions described here and only if this replacement student correctly completes an application form.

Article 5 Obligations of the student
The student shall provide the instructor with all the pertinent personal information that may be relevant for entering into or the implementation of the agreement; this must be provided before entering into or implementing the agreement. These include, where available, mobile phone number and email address.
The student is obliged to follow all instructions from the instructor to ensure the workshop proceeds properly and safely. The student is liable for any damage caused by non-compliance with this obligation.
The instructor is in no way responsible for defects of the student’s equipment or the student falling ill. The student is liable for damages caused by any breaches of this obligation.
Should the student cause such nuisance or inconvenience that the photo workshop is significantly hindered, the student can be excluded from further participation in the photo workshop by the instructor. If and to the extent that the consequences of the nuisance or inconvenience can be blamed on the student, the student shall be liable for all costs arising from said nuisance or inconvenience.
(Applicable to students who participate in workshops outside the Netherlands)
Before starting the photo workshop, the student is required to have comprehensive medical, travel, accident and baggage insurance that is valid at the time of the photo workshop. The student indemnifies the instructor for any consequences and damages that result from the fact that the student does not have adequate medical, travel, accident and baggage insurance.

Article 6 Information, travel documents, and baggage (valid for students who participate in workshops outside the Netherlands)
The student shall be in possession of all necessary valid travel documents, such as a valid passport or a valid identity card, for the duration of the photo workshop.
Should the student be in default of this condition, any resulting costs shall be borne by the student.
The instructor cannot be held liable in the event that the student cannot attend the photo workshop, in whole or in part, due to a failure of being in possession of the documents listed under 6.1.
The instructor is not liable for loss or damage of travel documents, driver’s license or luggage.
6.5 (valid for all workshops)
The instructor shall not be liable for any loss or damage of photographic equipment, other equipment, lenses, accessories, baggage and suchlike.

Article 7 Payment for the photo workshop
Payment of the tuition fee for the photo workshop will take place on the basis of a sent invoice. This must be paid within 30 days of receipt. Should a student register within 30 days of the photo workshop (and has yet to be given a place), the invoice is due within 5 days, or in any case, before being given a place in the photo workshop.
In the event of late payment, the student will be in default. Notification in writing will be sent to the student by or on behalf of the instructor, stating that the outstanding amount for payment must be paid within 7 working days. If no payment is made, the agreement will be deemed cancelled on the day of default. The instructor is entitled to charge the student for the subsequent cancellation costs.
Until the payment of the amount due for the photo workshop has been made by the student, the instructor has the right to make reasonable amendments to the amount of the tuition fee in connection with changes in transportation costs, taxes or other charges.

Article 8 Information and reserved publications
The instructor is not responsible for general information contained in photos, brochures, adverts, websites and other media, prepared or published by or for third parties.

Article 9 Fully-booked photo workshop
If the student attempts to enrol in a photo workshop that is already fully booked, the student will be notified of this as soon as possible and placed on the waiting list or sent a proposal for a different date. For these alternatives, the order of registration determines the order on the waiting list or the other workshop date. A student on the waiting list can be placed in the workshop up to 30 days before the photo workshop, in case a student with a place is removed from the workshop.

Article 10 Amendments by Instructor
The local circumstances and the active nature of the photo workshop may result in amendments to the programme either before or during the workshop. Amendments may include certain components of the programme being changed, cancelled or replaced due to the weather or other circumstances, which will result in a different programme to that publicised. The instructor agrees to minimise any adverse effects on students and to offer alternatives that preserve the character of the workshop as much as possible.
The amendments referred to in Article 8.1 will be considered amendments within the meaning of Article 505 of the Dutch Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek (BW)) (Book 7). Said changes will have no impact on the course fee, unless otherwise agreed, nor shall the student have a claim for damages against the instructor on these grounds.

Article 11a Liability
The instructor is not liable for damage and/or loss of property and goods belonging to students. The instructor also accepts no liability for personal injury to students or injury or other damages resulting from events that take place during the photo workshop.
Instructor is not liable for damage caused by:
– failure to fulfil the implementation of the agreement on the grounds that the circumstances are attributable to the student, including damage to the health and physical condition of the student.
– damage due to circumstances, actions and influences that are attributable to students themselves, fellow students or third-parties who may or may not be involved in the implementation of the agreement
– circumstances that are not the fault of the instructor and/or cannot reasonably be attributed to the instructor by law or the standards in force in society.
– Acts of war, strikes, political conditions, mechanical failure, natural disasters or other causes that result in force majeure being invoked and the consequences of which could not reasonably have been avoided
– loss, theft or damage of property, including money.
To the extent otherwise provided in these terms and conditions, the instructor accepts no liability for damages covered under travel insurance.
In the event the instructor can be held liable for loss of travel enjoyment, the compensation shall never exceed the single fee paid by the participating student.
The liability of the instructor in all cases shall be limited or excluded in accordance with the relevant international conventions, and is always limited to the single fee paid by the participating student.

Article 11b Liability and health
The student declares to be in sufficiently good health and condition to partake in the photo workshop.
The instructor is not liable for any personal injury to participants, or any injury or other harm as a result of the student’s health problems or physical limitations.

Article 12 Complaints and Disputes
Any complaints during the photo workshop should be discussed with the instructor immediately. The instructor is obliged to provide an appropriate solution. If the complaint cannot be settled satisfactorily at the location, a complaint may be filed in writing with the instructor within one month of returning to the Netherlands.
If the student has not complied with the obligation to produce a complaint report and the instructor has therefore not been given an opportunity to rectify the shortcoming, any rights to compensation for damages shall be excluded or limited.
The student may choose to have the complaint heard by the competent court in the location of the instructor up to two months after the photo workshop (or the original departure date).
The (travel) agreement and all obligations will be governed by Dutch law.
All claims expire one year after the photo workshop (or if the workshop did not take place, one year after the intended starting date).