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Frank Peters (1976, Dordrecht, The Netherlands) is very versatile. He takes photographes, writes articles and poems, produces complete audiovisual productions, in which he includes, amongst others, cinematography, editing, voice-over, research and interviews and is an award winning documentary maker and travel photographer.

In 2015 he wins the photo contest of the Dutch Mountain Film Festival and is runner-up in the Fotowedstrijd.eu 2016. Several travel photos reached the final in the international ‘Outdoor Photographer of the Year’ and ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’ competitions. See the awards page for more details. Peters belongs to ‘The Great Photographers of the Dolomites’.

His passion for photography begins in his childhood. During trips to the Belgian Ardennes and the Dolomites in Italy, he first discovers the beauty of hill and mountain landscapes. “When I’m in that great vastness, I feel an unparalleled freedom and peace. My love for photographing it, arose there”.

Besides taking photos, Peters starts to write poems and publishes his first collection of poetry ‘Het Blauwe Uur’ (The Blue Hour) in 1996, at the initiative of school friends. Five years later, ‘Reiziger in Spiegelbeeld’ (Traveller in Reverse) is released. This poetry collection is given a present to Queen Beatrix in 2003, when she visits village ‘De Hoop’ (The Hope), a center for addiction treatment in Dordrecht. Poems from both bundles are collected in ‘Released’. Additionaly, Peters writes articles about his photography trips.

After secondary school (VWO), a foundation course at the School of Journalism in Tilburg, The Netherlands, as well as an employment as reporter/editor/presenter at RTV Dordrecht and a position as a reporter at RTV Rijnmond, Peters changes horses in midstream and starts a walking tour to Rome. He is 23 years old than. Together with a friend, he walks within three months from Maastricht, The Netherlands, to the capital of Italy. A special tour with a special story, which can be read at ‘Book’. During the journey Peters takes many photographes. Find a selection in ‘Walk to Rome’.

After the journey Peters returns to work as TV reporter and radio presenter. Meanwhile, he follows the school of photography in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

At the age of 26, Peters decides to further specialize and next to the photo camera he also learns how to use a broadcast camera. He learns the tricks of the trade and thereby often edits his own footage. The road is free for making documentaries. “With documentaries, all disciplines come together. Camera work, photographic design, texts, interviews, editing, presentation, reporting, voice-over, research, I do it all myself. A great combination”.

With his documentary ‘Willem Witsen, schilder op een boot’ (Willem Witsen, painter in a boat) Frank Peters won the Olon Air Award for best documentary and he won the same award for the docusoap ‘Hooggeëerd Publiek’ (Highly Honored Public), a production he made with Fokko van der Straaten and Maxine van Haeren. Three other documentaries ‘St. Elisabethsvloed’ (St Elizabeth Flood), ‘Het oog van Kimpe, een ander Marokko’ (The eye of Kimpe, another Morocco), ‘Goeverneurstraat’ (Governorstreet) and Fotograaf Paul Schrandt (Photographer Paul Schrandt) were nominated for the award. The ‘Wereldomroep’, a Dutch international broadcast corporation, showed ‘Ansichtkaart van Dordrecht’ (Postcard of Dordrecht) in its program ‘The best of the Netherlands’ and the VPRO, a Dutch broadcast organisation, included his documentary ‘Goeverneurstraat’ (Governorstreet) in its online archive.

Over the years, Peters focusses on expanding his work. He writes articles (text and images) for, amongst others, newspaper Trouw, ‘Outdoor Magazine’, ‘Stadsleven’ (City Life Magazine) and ‘Bergen Magazine’ (Mountain Magazine). He portrays five musical artists for the book ‘Musical Mania’, makes documentaries and does camera work for RTL News, RTV Dordrecht, Stolk AV, New Sense Media. Furthermore he works on corporate videos, commercials and reads voice-over texts.

“In the future I want to further specialize the things I already do. Photography, television industry and writing profession are constantly evolving. I want to follow that development, hoping there is a lot of beautiful work to be done”.