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Recent Voice-overs

Commercial: Tourist Office Dordrecht

Aug 7, 2011

Frank Peters has recorded the voice-over for the commercial of the Dordrecht Tourist Office. The video was broadcasted on TV-Rijnmond and RTV-Dordrecht.

Commercial: Place d’Ary

Jul 30, 2011

Frank Peters did the voice-over on the commercial for Place d’Ary, the art event in the old town of Dordrecht. The advertising ran on RTV-Dordrecht and RTV-Rijnmond.

Corporate video: Proserve

Jun 29, 2011

The voice-over on the corporate video of Proserve, a high quality data center, with servers located in Amsterdam and Alblasserdam, was recorded by Frank Peters. The video is a Snel AV production.